C program that illustrates suspending and resuming processes using signals

Signal : The signal can be used to send a events to the processes.
Socket: The socket can be used to create the communication on end points.
Port number: The port number can be used to identify the individual process on sytem.

					#include <stdio.h>
#include <ospace/unix.h>
int child_function()
while (true) // Loop forever. { Printf("Child loop\n");
os_this_process::sleep( 1 );
return 0; // Will never execute.
int main()
os_unix_toolkit initialize;
os_process child ( child function ); // Spawn child.
os_this_process::sleep( 4 );
printf("Parent sleeps for 4 seconds\n");
os_this_process::sleep (4);
child.resume ();
os_this_process::sleep (4);
child.terminate ();
printf("Parent finished");
return 0;

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