Communication issues in service marketing

A company’s communication strategies help it project a desired image and position itself in the market. Firms use communication strategies to bring about awareness of their goods and services among their target audience. Further they try to attract customers to consume their services with various techniques as we will see. However, there are several challenges the service provider faces while communicating. They are broadly:-

Technology– it helps a company to communicate fast and efficiently. At the same time, since this is highly complex, there are several problems that need to be solved on a real time basis. Else, the business is lost or a wrong and detrimental message may be delivered. Example: the internet banking transaction is very convenient but highly complex and needs high degree of security; else it is risky and disastrous.

Budgetary constraints– some companies may not have sufficient funds to install a good communication system in their offices. In today’s world the technology needs are costly and need sufficient technically competent manpower.

Content– content of communication is important. Any mistake while choosing messages with correct and accurate terminology may prove disastrous. Imagine what happens if tour operator mistakes ‘family’ or ‘a couple’ for a tour package.

Delivery– communication issues in delivery arise in wrong timing, wrong message, wrong place or wrong target audience. Marketing communication personnel must take extra precaution to see these don’t happen. Example: sometimes, service providers communicate incomplete or wrong information to their customers; mostly happens with insurance and MF advisors.

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