Explain Risk Identification

  • One method for identifying risks is to create a risk item checklist
  • The checklist can be used for risk identification and focuses on some subset of known and predictable risks in the following generic subcategories:
  • Product size—risks associated with the overall size of the software to be built or modified
  • Business impact—risks associated with constraints imposed by management or the marketplace
  • Stakeholder characteristics—risks associated with the sophistication of the stakeholders and the developer’s ability to communicate with stakeholders in a timely manner
  • Process definition—risks associated with the degree to which the software process has been defined and is followed by the development organization
  • Development environment—risks associated with the availability and quality of the tools to be used to build the product
  • Technology to be built—risks associated with the complexity of the system to be built and the “newness” of the technology that is packaged by the system
  • Staff size and experience—risks associated with the overall technical and project experience of the software engineers who will do the work

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