Explain Software Project Planning

Software Project Planning

  • The objective of software project planning is to provide a framework that enables the manager to make reasonable estimates of resources, cost, and schedule
  • It estimates should attempt to define best-case and worst-case scenarios so that project outcomes can be bounded. Although there is an inherent degree of uncertainty, the software team embarks on a plan that has been established as a consequence of these tasks.
  • Therefore, the plan must be adapted and updated as the project proceeds

Task Set for Software Project Planning

  1. Establish project scope
  2. Determine feasibility
  3. Analyze risks
  4. Define required resources
    1. Determine required human resources
    2. Define reusable software resources
    3. Identify environmental resources
  5. Estimate cost and effort
    1. Decompose the problem
    2. Develop two or more estimates using size, function points, process tasks, or use cases
    3. Reconcile the estimates
  6. Develop a projects schedule
    1. Establish a meaningful task set
    2. Define a task network
    3. Use scheduling tools to develop a time-line chart
    4. Define schedule tracking mechanisms

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