Implement and study the performance of GSM on NS2/NS# or Equivalent environment

					#set parameters

set stop 100


set type gsm

#AQM parameters

set minth 30

set maxth 0

set adaptive 1

#traffic generation

set flows 0

set window 30

#plotting statistics

set opt(wrap) 100

set opt(srcTrace) is

set opt(destTrace) bs2

#default downlink bandwidth in bps

set bwDL(gsm) 9600

					#default downlink propagation delay in seconds

set  propDL(gsm)  .500
set ns [new Simulator]
set tf [open w]
$ns trace-all $tf

set nodes(is) [$ns node]

set nodes(ms) [$ns node]

set nodes(bs1) [$ns node]

set nodes(bs2) [$ns node]

set nodes(lp) [$ns node]

proc cell_topo { } {

    global ns nodes

    $ns duplex-link $nodes(lp) $nodes(bs1) 3Mbps 1ms DropTail

    $ns duplex-link $nodes(bs1) $nodes(ms) 1 1 RED

    $ns duplex-link $nodes(ms) $nodes(bs2) 1 1 RED

    $ns duplex-link $nodes(bs2) $nodes(is) 3Mbps 50ms DropTail

    puts "GSM Cell Topology"


					proc set_link_params {t} {

    global ns nodes bwDL propDL

    $ns bandwidth $nodes(bs1) $nodes(ms) $bwDL($t) duplex

    $ns bandwidth $nodes(bs2) $nodes(ms) $bwDL($t) duplex


    $ns delay $nodes(bs1) $nodes(ms) $propDL($t) duplex

    $ns delay $nodes(bs2) $nodes(ms) $propDL($t) duplex


    $ns queue-limit $nodes(bs1) $nodes(ms) 10

    $ns queue-limit $nodes(bs2) $nodes(ms) 10

#RED and TCP parameter

Queue/RED set adaptive_ $adaptive

Queue/RED set thresh_ $minth

Queue/RED set maxthresh_ $maxth

Agent/TCP set window_ $window

					#create topology

switch $type {

    gsm -

    umts {cell_topo}


set_link_params $type

$ns insert-delayer $nodes(ms) $nodes(bs1) [new Delayer]

$ns insert-delayer $nodes(ms) $nodes(bs2) [new Delayer]

#set up forward TCP connection

if {$flows == 0} {

    set tcp1 [$ns create-connection TCP/Sack1 $nodes(is) TCPSink/Sack1 $nodes(lp) 0]

    set ftp1 [[set tcp1] attach-app FTP]

    $ns at 0.8 "[set ftp1] start"


					proc stop {} {

    global nodes opt tf

    set wrap $opt(wrap)

    set sid [$nodes($opt(srcTrace)) id]

    set did [$nodes($opt(destTrace)) id]

    set a ""

    set GETRC "../bin/getrc"

    set RAW2XG "../bin/raw2xg"


    exec $GETRC -s $sid -d $did -f 0 | \

    $RAW2XG -s 0.01 -m $wrap -r > plot.xgr

    exec $GETRC -s $did -d $sid -f 0 | \

    $RAW2XG -a -s 0.01 -m $wrap >> plot.xgr

    exec xgraph -x time -y packets plot.xgr &

    exit 0

$ns at $stop "stop"
$ns run

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