List and explain all the phases involved in the construction phase

Build and Test Networks

• In many cases new or enhanced applications are built around existing networks. If so, there is no problem.

• However if the new application calls for new or modified networks they must normally be implemented before building and testing databases and writing or installing computer programs that will use those networks.

• This phase involves analysts, designers and builders

• A network designer and network administrator assume the primary responsibility for completing this task.

Build and Test Databases

• This task must immediately precede other programming activities because databases are the resource shared by the computer programs to be written. If new or modified databases are required for the new system, we can now build and test those databases.

• This task involves system users, analysts, designers, and builders.

• The same system specialist that designed the database will assume the primary responsibility in completing this task

Install and Test New Software Packages

• Some systems solutions may have required the purchase or lease of software packages. If so, once networks and databases for the new system have been built, we can install and test the new software.

• This activity typically involves systems analysts, Designers, builders, vendors and consultants.

Write and Test New Programs

• In this phase we are ready to develop any programs for the new system. Prototype programs are frequently constructed in the design phase. However, these prototypes are rarely fully functional or incomplete.

• This task involves the system analysts, designers and builders.

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