Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Teachers often get a chance to evaluate the knowledge of their students. Some people think that schools should allow students to evaluate the work of their teachers. In my opinion, this is a very good idea, because it will improve the quality of teaching. Also, students would be more interested in attending classes. Finally, the school would improve its reputation in the community. Firstly, students would have great benefit from such a survey. If students are not satisfied with a teacher, they would be offered a chance to express their opinion.

This way they would have their say about their own education. Their opinion should not be accepted as an absolute truth, but should always be heard and taken into consideration. Indeed, bad evaluation by the student population doesn’t necessarily mean that the teacher is bad. For example, if students claim that certain teacher is not good, it may mean that the teacher isn’t complete but it may also mean that students don’t pay enough attention to what he is saying, or that they should spend more time studying. By expressing their opinion, students can make teachers prepare better for their lectures or explain the content more clearly and with more enthusiasm.

Therefore, students would be able to understand the lectures better and consequently to get higher grades. Furthermore, the students would be motivated to pay more attention during classes and to listen to lectures more regularly, since they will be asked to give their own opinion about what they’ve heard. Secondly, this kind of survey would also be useful for teachers. Good teachers should be rewarded financially or otherwise. On the other hand, the teacher who receives low grade from his students should be sanctioned, for example by lowering his salary. In extreme cases, he should be fired. This way he would be forced to improve his teaching skills in order to keep his job or raise his salary. Therefore, he would become a more competent teacher and better educator.

This would improve the overall quality of education in the school. Finally, this survey would be useful for the school and its reputation. If a school asks students to evaluate teachers, it means that students have their freedom of expression and that they are not intimidated by the authority of the teachers. The school would be more popular among prospective students, who would be more interested in enrolling that particular school. Also, the school would be better funded by its sponsors more appreciated by the community.

In conclusion, if the students were asked by the school to evaluate their teachers, it would benefit everyone. Teachers would be obligated to constantly improve quality of their lectures to avoid bad evaluation. Students would enjoy better education, and they would pay more attention in classes, since they would be able to influence the quality of the classes. This would improve the reputation of the school, which will be better respected by the community.

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