The future role of technology in the world

I can assert that the 21st century will be a time of rapid innovation and technological change that will be spurred on by the grand challenges that we face. Significant opportunities for technology – based products and services will emerge from increasingly open, competitive and affluent global markets. For decades, technology has been dramatically changing not just the lives of individuals in developed country, increasingly the lives of the people throughout the developing world. Looking out to the future, there is no single story to be told about how technology will continue to develop.
     Although technology and invention have many advantages and disadvantages. First of all, things are invents to make a task easier to perform , we don’t need to do repetitive and uninteresting job like washing-up and this gives us more time to do other things. What we do with this time depends upon the individual. Secondly, for people, who are less able to do these jobs, like elderly or disabled people, these machines are a great help. Future developments may be able to help them even more. I think, this is the most positive side of technology. On the other side, technology can make people lazier, products are made more cheaply and technology can have adverse effects on a person’s health and safety.

Now, the worldwide population is about nine billions people, but from the ancient times society has worked hard to develop, to improve life standards, to discover and to control everything on the Earth and also what it is beyond its limits. The last two decades in which many advancements in the IT technology were registered is argued that might have brought a lot of good new opportunities or a series of serious consequences for the population.
     As I mentioned, it is up to the individual what they do with this extra time. Unfortunately, instead of doing everyday tasks people tend to watch television or play video games. Furthermore, television companies encourage us to watch as much TV as possible. This can lead to an inactive lifestyle and people are becoming overweight and unhealthy. This is the negative part of technology.
     In conclusion, the positive side is that because machines and automation do the things we do not like doing we gain more time to do other things, and people who cannot do certain things are able to do them with the help of technology. However, on the negative side we lose the daily activity involved in washing-up, vacuum cleaning and so on, and for some people, this may be the only kind of activity they do. The danger is that we do not replace these activities with others

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