The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge

A lot of people consider love as the supreme value. It makes us to take care of each other, to appreciate other people, to help each other. It gives a meaning to our life and makes people to be a social being. But love is not the thing that makes humans special, it is knowledge. We have the unique capacity of getting knowledge all along our life, and to share them with other members of the society insuring the perpetuity of conceptions and ideas. Knowledge guides us in making decisions.

Sometimes love has the same role, and people have to make a choice: to judge with the heart or with the brain. This kind of decisions is very difficult because people don’t know what aspect must be given the priority. Putting the right balance between these aspects organizes our life. We should love the others more than we love ourselves, it is a Christian principle. Living for others is a main meaning for our life. A lot of people need our help and we should never refuse them. Love has to inspire our decisions and knowledge. It should help us to choose the right way of applying them.

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