What are the objectives of fiscal policy

Objectives of fiscal policy:
The objectives of fiscal policy may be regarded as follows;
1. To achieve desirable price level:
The stability of general prices is necessary for economic stability. The maintenance of a desirable price level has good effects on production, employment and national income. Fiscal policy should be used to remove; fluctuations in price level so that ideal level is maintained.
2. To Achieve desirable consumption level:
A desirable consumption level is important for political, social and economic consideration. Consumption can be affected by expenditure and tax policies of the government. Fiscal policy should be used to increase welfare of the economy through consumption level.
3. To Achieve desirable employment level:
The efficient employment level is most important in determining the living standard of the people. It is necessary for political stability and for maximization of production. Fiscal policy should achieve this level.

4. To achieve desirable income distribution:
The distribution of income determines the type of economic activities the amount of savings. In this way, it is related to prices, consumption and employment. Income distribution should be equal to the most possible degree. Fiscal policy can achieve equality in distribution of income. High tax burden on the rich can be spent on the poor may result in equal distribution of income.
5. Increase in capital formation:
In under-developed countries deficiency of capital is the main reason for under-development. Large amounts are required for industry and economic development. Fiscal policy can divert resources and increases capital.
6. Degree of inflation:
In under-developed countries, a certain degree of inflation is required for economic development. Fiscal policy aims at maintaining the rate of inflation within desirable limits.

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