Advantages of SRS document

The advantages of a good SRS document are:

  •  Concise. The SRS document must be concise and at the same time unambiguous, consistent, and complete. Irrelevant descriptions reduce readability and also increase error possibilities.
  •  Structured. It should be well-structured. A well-structured document is easy to understand and modify. The SRS document undergoes several revisions to cope up with the customer requirements. Often, the customer requirements evolve over a period of time. Therefore, in order to make the modifications to the SRS document easy, it is important to make the document well-structured.
  •  Black-box view. It should only specify what the system should do and refrain from stating how to do these. This means that the SRS document should specify the external behavior of the system and not discuss the implementation issues. The SRS document should view the system to be developed as black box, and should specify the externally visible behavior of the system. For this reason, the SRS document is also called the black-box specification of a system.
  • Conceptual integrity. It should show conceptual integrity so that the reader can easily understand it.
  •  Response to undesired events. It should characterize acceptable responses to undesired events. These are called system response to exceptional conditions.
  •  Verifiable. All requirements of the system as documented in the SRS document should be verifiable. This means that it should be possible to determine whether or not requirements have been met in an implementation

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