Designing Training and Development Programme

Every training and development programme must address certain vital issues

  1. Who participates in the programme?
  2. Who are the trainers?
  3. What methods and techniques are to be used for training?
  4. What should be the level of training?
  5. What learning principles are needed?
  6. Where is the program conducted?

Who are the trainers: Trainers should be selected on the basis of self-nominationrecommendations of supervisors or by the HR department itself. Whatever is the basis, it is advisable to have two or more target audience. For example, rank-and-file employees and their supervisors or by the HR department itself.

Several people, including the following may conduct training and Development programmes:

  1.  Immediate supervisors
  2. Co-workers, as in buddy systems,
  3. Members of the personnel staff,
  4. Specialists in other parts of the company,
  5. Outside consultants,
  6. Industry associations, and faculty members at universities.

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