Difference between Verification and Validation


  • Verification is a static practice of verifying documents, design, code and program
  • It does not involve executing the code
  • It is human based checking of documents and files. Verification uses methods like inspections,reviews, walkthroughs, and Desk-checking etc
  • Verification is to check whether the software conforms to specifications
  • It can catch errors that validation cannot catch. It is low level exercise
  • Target is requirements specification, application and software architecture, high level, complete design, and database design etc
  • Verification is done by QA team to ensure that the software is as per the specifications in the SRS document
  • It generally comes first-done before validation


    • Validation is a dynamic mechanism of validating and testing the actual product
    • It always involves executing the code
    • It is computer based execution of program
    • Validation uses methods like black box (functional) testing, gray box testing, and white box (structural) testing etc
    • Validation is to check whether software meets the customer expectations and requirements
    • It can catch errors that verification cannot catch. It is High Level Exercise
    • Target is actual product-a unit, a module, a bent of integrated modules, and effective final product.Validation is carried out with the involvement of testing team
    • It generally follows after verification

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