Explain all the phases involved in the implementation phase

Conduct system Test

In this test software packages and in – house programs have been installed and tested, we need to conduct a final system test. All software packages, custom- built programs, and many existing programs that comprise the new system must be tested to ensure that they all work together This task involves analysts, owners, users, and builders.

Prepare Conversion Plan

On successful completion of system test, we can begin preparations to place the new system into operation. Using the design specifications for the new system, the system analyst will develop a detailed conversion plan. This plan will identify Database to be installed, end – user training and documentation that needed to be developed, and a strategy for converting from the old system to the new system.

The conversion plan may include one of the following commonly used installation strategies

1) Abrupt Cut-over

2) Parallel Conversion

3) Location Conversion

4) Staged Conversion

Install Databases

In the previous phase we built and tested the database. To place the system into operation we need fully loaded databases. The purpose of this task is to populate the new systems databases with existing database from the old system. System builders play a primary role in this activity.

Train Users

Converting to a new system necessitates that system users be trained and provided with documentation that guides them through using the new system. Training can be performed one on one; however group training is preferred. This task will be completed by the system analysts and involves system owners and users.

Convert to New System

Conversion to the new system from old system is a significant milestone. After conversion, the ownership of the system officially transfers from the analysts and programmers to the end users. The analyst completes this task by carrying out the conversion plan Recall that the conversion plan includes detailed installation strategies to follow for converting from the existing to the new production information system. This task involves the system owners, users, analysts, designers, and builders.

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