Explain Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)

Once project planning is complete, project managers document their plans in a Software Project Management Plan (SPMP) document. The SPMP document should discuss a list of different items that have been discussed below. This list can be used as a possible organization of the SPMP document. Organization of the Software Project Management Plan (SPMP) Document

1. Introduction

(a) Objectives

(b) Major Functions

(c) Performance Issues

(d) Management and Technical Constraints

2. Project Estimates

(a) Historical Data Used

(b) Estimation Techniques Used

(c) Effort, Resource, Cost, and Project Duration Estimates

3. Schedule

(a) Work Breakdown Structure

(b) Task Network Representation

(c) Gantt Chart Representation

(d) PERT Chart Representation

4. Project Resources

(a) People

(b) Hardware and Software

(c) Special Resources

5. Staff Organization

(a) Team Structure

(b) Management Reporting

6. Risk Management Plan

(a) Risk Analysis

(b) Risk Identification

(c) Risk Estimation

(d) Risk Abatement Procedures

7. Project Tracking and Control Plan

8. Miscellaneous Plans

(a) Process Tailoring

(b) Quality Assurance Plan

(c) Configuration Management Plan

(d) Validation and Verification

(e) System Testing Plan

(f) Delivery, Installation, and Maintenance Plan

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