Good manners aren’t natural and have to be taught

Good manners are a set of behaviors which mark someone as a civilized and cultural member of a society. Nowadays society manners are learning from TV and movie. Each of us needs to know which are good and which a bad manner is. Good manners are not natural and have to be taught of childhood. Manners can be taught in a big family but and school plays a big role to learn a good manners. If you learn good manners you a gentleman for others and you get respect. Good manners go a long way in most societies.

Mannerly people are more likely to get ahead in the world of business, and they also find themselves more commonly invited as guests and welcomed in society. Life is a teacher of manners for all years. Good manners are extremely important in life, in school and the workplace. Without manners people in this world would be unable to communicate between anyone. Manners should be instilled in a child at an early age so that when they grow it will be natural, and not a problem.

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