Implement three nodes point – to – point network with duplex links between them & Set the queue size, vary the bandwidth and find the number of packets dropped

#Create a simulator object

  set  ns  [new Simulator]

#Open a trace file

  set  nt  [open  w]

  $ns  trace-all  $nt

#Open a nam trace file

  set  nf  [open lab1.nam W]

  $ns  namtrace-all  $nf

# Create the nodes.

  set  n0  [$ns node]

  set  n1  [$ns node]

  set  n2  [$ns node]

  set  n3  [$ns node]

#Assign color to the packets.

  $ns  color  1  Red

  $ns  color  2  Blue

#Label the nodes

  $n0  label  "Source/udp0"

  $n1  label  "Source/udp1"

  $n2  label  "Router"

  $n3  label  "Destination/Null"

#Create links, vary bandwidth to check the number of packets dropped.

  $ns  duplex-link  $n0  $n2  10Mb  30ms  DropTail

  $ns  duplex-link  $n1  $n2  10Mb  30ms  DropTail

  $ns  duplex-link  $n2 $n3  1Mb  30ms  Drop?Tail

# Set the queue size between the nodes

  $ns  set queue-limit  $n0  $n2  10

  $ns  set  queue-limit  $n1  $n2  10

  $ns  set  queue-limit  $n2  $n3  5

#Create and attach UDP agent to n0, n1 and null agent to n3.

  set  udp0  [new Agent/UDP]

  $ns  attach-agent  $n0  $udp0

  set  cbr0  [new Application/Traffic/CBR]

  $cbr0  attach-agent  $udp0

  set  udp1  [new Agent/UDP]

  $ns attach-agent $n1 $udp1

  set  cbr1  [new Applicatin/traffic/CBR]

  $cbr1  attach-agent  $udp1

  set  null3  [new Agent/Null]

  $ns  attach-agent  $n3  $null3

#Set udp0 packets to red color and udp1 packets to blue color

  $udp0 set class_1

  $udp1 set class_2

#Connect the agents.

  $ns  connect  $udp0  $null3

  $ns connect $udp1 $null3

  #Set  the  packet  size  to  500

   $cbr1  set  packetSize_ 500Mb

#Set the data rate of the packets. if the data rate is high then packets drops are high

 $cbr1  set  interval_ 0.005

#Finish Procedure

proc finish  {}  {

global  ns  nf  nt

$ns flush-trace

exec nam lab1.nam &

close $nt

close $nf



$ns at 0.1 "$cbr0 start"

$ns at 0.1 "cbr1 start"

$ns at 10.0 "finish"

$ns run









  printf (“No. of packets dropped is= %d\n”, count);


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