Responsibilities of a software project manager

Software project managers take the overall responsibility of steering a project to success. It is very difficult to objectively describe the job responsibilities of a project manager. The job responsibility of a project manager ranges from invisible activities like building up team morale to highly visible customer presentations. Most managers take responsibility for project proposal writing, project cost estimation, scheduling, project staffing, software process tailoring, project monitoring and control, software configuration management, risk management, interfacing with clients, managerial report writing and presentations, etc. These activities are certainly numerous, varied and difficult to enumerate, but these activities can be broadly classified into project planning, and project monitoring and control activities. The project planning activity is undertaken before the development starts to plan the activities to be undertaken during development. The project monitoring and control activities are undertaken once the development activities start with the aim of ensuring that the development proceeds as per plan and changing the plan whenever required to cope up with the situation


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