We are using up the Earth’s natural resources faster than even

Yes…We are totally dependent on natural resources. Everything we have or use is made of natural resources, or raw materials and energy obtained from the environment. The clothes we’re wearing, the chair we’re sitting on, our house and TV and school and books, city streets, whatever we ate for breakfast, are made of natural resources. I can conclude that natural resources sustain human life. People use many of the Earth’s natural resources. All of the products we use have a natural resources base. Minerals, forest, products, water, and soil are just a few of the natural resource humans use to produce energy and make things people use.
The big point of this section is to look at the idea that humans have a finite amount of material on this planet. Not only are humans are using these materials, but nature using them too. The difference between humans and nature is that nature doesn’t waste. Our use of natural resources affects the environment in many ways. Our use of natural resources has impacts that go far beyond simply using materials that are limited supply.

The environment is affected at every stage of the chain of extraction – processing – manufacturing – marketing – consumption – disposal. Same products we buy are necessary to our health and well-being, or improve the quality of our lives. We need clothes and stoves and so on. We wouldn’t want to give up books and music and other things that enrich our lives. But we can reduce level of consumption we are using up our natural resources and our environment for things that we don’t need and that don’t really enhance our lives.
A healthy environment and a supply of natural resources are basic to our well-being. When we live in highly consumptive lifestyle, we use more resources and create more pollution. Many environmental problems are tired to our rate of consumption of material goods and thus of natural resources. The most basic method of caring for our environment is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Finally, I can say that we are using up the Earth’s natural resources faster than ever and so we destroy the nature. We need to realize this fact and protect the Earth.

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