Write about the effect of a parent, teacher or friend on your life

The world’s population has already reached seven billion people, but there are only two in front of whom I am ready to bow my head and say “Thank you!” Thank you for loving me even when I was the cause of your countless sleepless nights. Thank you for finding time to read me fairy tales before bed, even if sometimes you were falling asleep before I was.

Thank you for listening, for always being there, for giving up everything you had for my well being. If somebody were to ask me about my hero, I would definitely say that my parents are the ones. Therefore, because I have always looked up at them as my heroes, their impact on my life is essential. They have influenced me, first of all, not by the long educational speeches that I have heard so many times, but by showing me how to put their pieces of advice in practice. I learned from them the most of all by following their example.

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