Areas in which Job Analysis Information is used

  1. Recruitment and Selection

          Job analysis provides information about what the job entails and what human characteristics are required to carry out these activities. Such job description and job specification information is used to decide what sort of people to recruit and hire.

  1. Compensation

Job analysis information is also essential for estimating the value of and appropriate compensation for each job. This is so because compensation. (such as salary and bonus) usually depends on the job’s required skill and education level, safety hazards, degree of responsibility and so on-all factors that  are  assessed through job analysis. Job analysis provides the information determining the relative worth of each job so that each job can be classified.

  1. Ensure Complete Assignment of Duties

The job analysis is also useful for ensuring that all the duties that have to be done are in fact assigned to particular positions. For example, in analyzing the current job of your company’s production manager, you may find she reports herself  as  being responsible for two dozen or so specific duties including planning  weekly  production schedules, purchasing raw materials, and supervising  the daily activities of each of her first-line supervisors. } v fissing, however, is any reference to managing raw material or finished goods inventories. On further investigation you find that none of the other manufacturing people is responsible for inventory management either. Your job analysis (based not just on what employees report as their duties, but on your knowledge of what

  1. Training

Job analysis information is also used for designing training and development programs because the analysis and resulting job description show the skills-and therefore training-that are required.

  1. Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal compares each employee’s actual performance with his or her performance standards. It is often through job analysis that experts determine the standards to be achieved and the specific activities to be performed.

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