Leisure is time for doing something useful

All people have to have a time for leisure after work or school day. Leisure time is necessary for people after working and studying hard, and there are various recreation activities to do base on oneself purpose. Many people support the methods helping the mind getting better, while others endorse the thinking to rest in free time, but it is more effective if we take part in outside activities.

It is true that people can improve their personal ability by practicing pursuits improving the mind. By doing the word puzzles, this activity helps us raise the logical thinking and solve problems at work more effectively. On the other hand, we can wider our knowledge and absorb more information from many kind of books, the mental health will be better.

Standing at the other view, putting the mind at rest by enjoying media entertainment, people reduce the stress. After long day at work or school, we usually feel tired and need to relax. There are many channels such as watching films, listening music and playing games, our mind will balance again.I can affirm that people in different ages use their time in diverse ways. To my knowledge nowadays more and more new activities in which we can take part in our spare time are appearing, as a result of the wide spread of the technology. Somebody prefers only to sleep in their leisure time, but most of us prefer to do a great number of interesting things. It can be reading, practicing various types of sports, watching TV, listening to music and so on. Teenagers hang out with friends at cinema, at concerts, also feeling better.  If we speak about those who have too much free time and do not know what to with it, as an advice I would propose voluntary work, to help the elderly people. I can say that time is very precious and we must appreciate it. If we have leisure time we must consume it rationally, do something useful that will help the society. Generally everyone has free time, how little would be, and each tries to get involved with something good, not just to get for nothing.

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