What are the contents we should contain in the SRS document and design document

SRS Document

SRS document is a contract between the development team and the customer. Once the SRS document is approved by the customer, any subsequent controversies are settled by referring the SRS document. SRS document defines the customer’s requirements in terms of Functions, performance, external interfaces and design constraints.

SRS Includes:

• Functional-The functional requirements part discusses the functionalities required from the system.

• Non functional-Nonfunctional requirements deal with the characteristics of the system which cannot be expressed as functions

• User

• Interface

• System

Design Document

The purpose of a design is to describe how the enhancements will be incorporated into the existing project. It should contain samples of the finished product. This could include navigational mechanism screenshots, example reports, and component diagrams.

Design Includes:

• E-R Diagrams-E-R Diagram is a graphical representation of the data layout of a system at a high level of abstraction. It defines data elements and their inter-relationships in the system

• Data flow diagrams- Data Flow diagrams are a means of representing a system at any level of detail with a graphic network of symbols showing data flows, data stores, data processes, and data sources/destinations

• Data Dictionary

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