What are the objectives of the HRM(human resource management)?

  1. The first and foremost objective of human resource management is to have a highly committed, eligible, talented, and happy workers.
  2.  Development of employees:- An employee does not come alone into the organization. What does he bring? He brings with himself abilities, attitude, behavior, personality etc..           

Individual has the objective of enhancing his personal growth. He seeks the organization for realization of his personal growth. Organization needs employees for fulfillment of organization objectives. There is an element of mutuality of interests here. Individual and organization need each other for fulfillment of their objectives. 

There is a need for encouragement of employees in an organization to develop and grow. If sufficient is given for growth it will leads to the efficient working, proper maintenance, motivation and retention of work force.

f the personal growth of employees are hindered absenteeism, turnover will increase and performance and satisfaction will come down. Hence HRM aims and strives for the development of the employees.

  1. Growth and development of the organization:-

HRM objective is to bring about the overall development and growth of the organization. The HRM department serves all the department of the organization. Behavior analysis of employee is focused at individual, group, and organizational levels. Integration of individuals and groups is done in an organization structure is maintained. Overall the objective of organizational development is kept at the forefront. 

  1. The development of HR function and climate:- The objective of HRM is to develop an effective

HR functions for development and maintenance of human functions. HRM also has the objective of maintaining an excellent HR culture. 

What do you understand by culture? 

Culture is our philosophies, faith and beliefs. By organization culture we mean the philosophies, practices and the codes of practices which are prevalent in the organization. A culture with innovative ideas and opportunities for humans to develop and grow will pave way for all round development of humans and organization. The objective of HRM is to develop HR function is according to the organizational needs and see that good culture is established in the organization.

5. Objectives for the welfare of the society: – Our society as you know very well consists of all our systems and their beliefs. Every organisation faces the societal impact. HRM seeks to do maximum good to the society and also tries to minimize the effects of the so called social events.

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