Why HRM(Human Resource Management) is important?

  1. Development and Growth of the organisation:-

HRM paves way for development and growth in the organisation. But how? Can you come out with some answers? By improving the individual capabilities, acquiring necessary cooperation and developing teamwork HRM makes sure that the organization develops and grows well. Goals of the organization are met by HRM by effective motivation and excellent utilization of employees.

  1. Creation of healthy culture in the Organization:

 HRM creates and maintains excellent culture in the organization and it makes people develop and grow.

  1. Maintenance of Human Resources:

The development, care of Human Resources is done by the HRM.

4. The concept of Human beings is a very crucial and vital factor of production;

HRM is gaining more and more importance day by day. It also has important implication in societal development also. IT IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF MODERN MANAGEMENT.

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